Sunday, 27 April 2014

Digging over the beds and planting onions and potatoes

We gave all the beds a good dig over and took out the weeds.

It was a grey, cloudy day and we planted potatoes and onions in the beds.  We also planted tomato, runner bean and sweetcorn seeds, which will stay in the shed until the weather is warmer.

Planting potatoes.

 Digging up some leeks that self seeded, so we can 
 enlarge the beds.

Watering the tomato seeds.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Catching up

The gardening group has been busy over the last few months.  Martin left in the summer and Sandra and Odile have been running it since, but we have only just learnt how to blog so this is the first attempt!

Over the winter it rained a lot so we weren't able to get up onto the plot.  We went on visits to the Natural History Museum, South London Botanical Institute, Chelsea Physic Garden and several garden centres.  We were lucky enough to get a grant of £500 from Rosendale Allotment Association to buy plants, seeds, tools and other things we needed for the plot. We bought this cherry tree from Morden Hall Park Garden Centre in March.  

We all had lunch outside in the first sunshine of the year.

We planted the tree, cleared the top plot and now the tree is in blossom.  We also transplanted some of the runners that have grown from the strawberry plants around the tree.