Monday, 17 November 2014

9th 0f October

Today we had only the afternoon. The weather was foul

We stayed indoors looking at gardening books and drinking lots of tea

18 September 2014

strawberries in flower again

Yellow raspberries ripe and delicious

more tomatoes to harvest

baby broccolis

delivery of royal manure

never let the plants get thirsty

getting more royal manure

11 September 2014

Today we had visitors from Bzzzz Garage, Laura  Rachel and Alex, 
They are looking for community spaces to plant fruit trees

meanwhile the group keep on working
No it is not from the shop it is our harvest grown here

love care and tender looking after our baby plants and killing slugs

the never ending job of weeding

make you think

Can you spot our  little friend?

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

04 September 2014

Hello blog followers

Sorry, no memory ... in the camera
We only had a half day and spent it weeding

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

28 August 2014 - The last day of August

Cutting the tape.
Not some grand opening, just training the tomatoes

Yellow raspberries, ripe & sweet

This was Ryan's last day and Sheila's last day as a volunteer.
A good excuse for a barbecue.

Meanwhile, someone has to keep on weeding

The top bed

Digesting. Cheers.

Back to work creating a new raised bed

hard work but finished in an hour 

ready for some brassica seedlings

safe from the pigeons and slugs.

21 August 2014 - An uncertain day

What should we do?

Compost bin being turned upside down. Good result look out for the worms

Amazing! more potatoes to be pulled out 

Collecting manure for the plot

This is royal mews manure - lot of straw....
A big tomato reddening under the camera

Weed free it would be

No weeds left and lets enjoy the sun while it lasts

The bed after a good dig and weed free

The sky was menacing we rushed to the community room, just in time to avoid the rain.

                              Sorry, we have not introduced our special volunteer student,                    Welcome and Thank you Ryan for your hard work.
                                      Last week some members of the group talked about dominoes, and ...
out they came with coffee and biscuits

A serious business

The winner would get to share ...

Actually the winner, Ryan, left empty ended. 
We shared our harvest with the food bank.

Monday, 25 August 2014

14 August 2014 - A dark and cloudy day

The weather forecast and the sky, for once, were in agreement.
We decided to rush to the plot, water the young plants in the shed 
and collect some vegetables.
We spent the session cooking and eating them while the rain pelted down.
We had a cucumber salad, sweetcorn and green bean minestrone soup.
Not many photos were taken.

7 August 2014 - Not a breeze

Getting ready to face the hill and the heat

More treasure hunting

Perhaps this 'Jogging' cucumber could do with more exercise

Basil seedlings going to a loving home

Our harvest for the day

Friday, 15 August 2014

31 July - Another hot day in the garding

Another hot day, waiting for more to come
Thirsty plants. Thirsty people
Sheila's strimmer frenzy
After the strimmer

Busy weeding

Jogging cucumber in flower
Some early produce
Lifting potatoes
John demonstrates one hand digging
Gardening can be hard work
Some of our harvest shared with food bank