Sunday 4 January 2015

13th of November 2014

The group went to Battersea Park and had a fantastic time.
They especially enjoyed the Sub-Tropical Gardens and the Medicinal & Herb Garden.

This aroused a lot of interest.

30th of October 2014

Today was a very sunny day but the plot was too wet to work on.
We decided to visit the garden centre in Morden.
When we got there the weather was too nice to stay inside so we went to the park.

Any mycologists out there know what these are?

23rd of October

Digging out soil for next spring

Little pause for the blog

Bed resting and ready

More hard work to finish the day

16th of October

Today was sunny and busy

weeding and clearing the beds 
Unearthing the last potatoes

Top bed before it get stripped

pulling out dead plants and canes

putting aside the vegs

Good job done

Monday 17 November 2014

9th 0f October

Today we had only the afternoon. The weather was foul

We stayed indoors looking at gardening books and drinking lots of tea

18 September 2014

strawberries in flower again

Yellow raspberries ripe and delicious

more tomatoes to harvest

baby broccolis

delivery of royal manure

never let the plants get thirsty

getting more royal manure

11 September 2014

Today we had visitors from Bzzzz Garage, Laura  Rachel and Alex, 
They are looking for community spaces to plant fruit trees

meanwhile the group keep on working
No it is not from the shop it is our harvest grown here

love care and tender looking after our baby plants and killing slugs

the never ending job of weeding

make you think

Can you spot our  little friend?